RACQ launches inaugural Safer Pathways survey

Queenslanders will have the chance to call out problem paths in their local suburbs as part of RACQ’s bid to improve safety and encourage more people to use ‘active transport’ such as walking, riding, and scooting.
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RACQ spokesperson Tristan Vorias said poorly designed or unmaintained pathways could be deterring Queenslanders from being active and simple repairs or upgrades such as widening a pathway, completing ‘missing links’ or installing better lighting could make all the difference.

“Everyone needs to use a pathway at some point in their lives, whether it’s cycling to the local shops, scooting to a park, rolling to the train station, or just exercising,” Mr Vorias said.

“Our inaugural Safer Pathways survey will give Queenslanders the power to pinpoint problem paths and suggest how they could be fixed.

“With the cost of fuel at record levels and congestion on our roads building, active transport is a fast growing and more sustainable option for many Queenslanders, we need to make sure pathways are safe and accessible.”

Mr Vorias said the survey results will be used to refine RACQ’s advocacy for active travel projects across the State and guide governments on where to boost funding for footpaths, bike paths and shared paths.

Queensland Walks Executive Officer Anna Campbell welcomed the survey.

“As we respond to accessibility needs, increasing population growth, and major events like the Paralympics and the Olympics, we need to ensure that everybody can move easily in their own neighbourhood,” Ms Campbell said.

Bicycle Queensland CEO Rebecca Randazzo urged Queenslanders to get involved.

“This survey will give councils and the State Government great information about how the pathway network is used and where the gaps and faults are,” Ms Randazzo said.

RACQ’s Safer Pathways survey will be open until 17 August 2022 with residents allowed to nominate multiple locations.

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