RACQ calls for consultation before bikeway swallows parking

RACQ has welcomed construction of an inner-city bikeway but has urged the State Government to work with locals to address parking concerns.
Bicycle lane
The Courier Mail reported residents and businesses were angered more than 60 on-street parking spaces would be permanently removed on one side of Dickson Street, Wooloowin to make way for Stage Four of the North Brisbane Bikeway.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the Club supported high-quality cycling facilities to improve safety and encourage travellers to use active transport where they could.

“In the face of COVID-19 we’re currently seeing greater use of walking and cycling, but we’re also at risk of increasing car use and associated congestion and emissions,” Dr Michael said.

“To improve safety and further encourage uptake in sustainable transport options we have to start providing dedicated cycle infrastructure which means there will be a little pain for a lot of gain when it comes to new safe cycling routes.”

Dr Michael said a balance needed to be struck between the new cycling infrastructure and the parking spaces which businesses and locals relied on.

“We strongly encourage the project team to undertake wide community engagement and minimise parking loss and amenity impacts where possible,” she said.

“We understand some spaces will have to be sacrificed to make way for the bikeway so impacted locals will need to make other arrangements for parking, like considering the nearby off-street spaces available.”

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