Servos start selling fuel for less than $1 per litre

Three service stations in and around Ayr, North Queensland and several in Toowoomba have become the first retailers in the State to sell unleaded petrol (ULP) for less than 100 cents per litre (cpl).
Car being filled with petrol
RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said it was pleasing to see motorists could take advantage of fuel for 98.9cpl in North Queensland.

“If there was ever proof that it pays to shop around, this is it. If you’re in Ayr now is the time to fill up the tank for less,” Ms Smith said.

“Normally prices don’t fluctuate in regional areas as much as they do in south east Queensland because of the lack of a price cycle, less competition and higher running costs.”

Ms Smith said fuel companies in Toowoomba had also dropped their prices below one dollar.

“Toowooomba Metcon on the corner of Russell and West Street, Metro Toowoomba on James Street and Pacific Petroleum on Brisbane Street, Drayton are the first in the region to drop their prices which is great news for locals,” she said.

“But it’s great to see in this case, the huge drop in the price of global oil and the wholesale fuel price is being passed on at the bowser.

“Since the start of March, the average terminal gate price has fallen by 31cpl, which is unheard of.”

Ms Smith said it came as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) warned petrol retailers to cut prices below 120cpl as consumers battled through the coronavirus crisis.

“We welcome the ACCC’s move to put fuel companies on notice for ripping motorists off when times are tough,” she said.

“Fuel companies charging 120cpl is the absolute maximum, we believe prices should be considerably lower in Brisbane and in every town and city up and down the coast of Queensland.

“The price of global oil has dropped further again this morning and has reached an 18-year-low.

“In Brisbane, the latest average is 125.2cpl, prices are falling, but many fuel companies are still taking motorists for a ride.

"By the start of next week, some of the cheaper sites in Brisbane may start selling ULP for under 100cpl and we expect the average to drop late next week.

“In the next couple of weeks we also expect prices to fall below $1 per litre in Ipswich, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba and it can’t come soon enough.”

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