Border traffic gridlock as Qlders rush to get home: RACQ

RACQ has warned motorists to expect long delays at the border crossing over the next few days, as thousands of Queenslanders rushed to return home before the border closed again at 1am Saturday 8 August.
Gold Coast border crossing during COVID
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced on Wednesday morning the border would close to New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory declaring both regions COVID-19 hotspots.

Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said motorists heading back into Queensland should be prepared for long queues and lengthy delays at the border.

“Queenslanders should cancel all non-essential travel to NSW, and those returning home need to pack their patience as delays at the checkpoints will be lengthy,” Ms Ritchie said.

“It would be a very good idea to consult RACQ’s Road Conditions website prior to leaving to get the most up to date information on traffic delays at entry points into Queensland.

“Don’t forget everyone in the vehicle has to fill out a Border Declaration Pass, including children.

“Anyone who has been in Victoria or Sydney in the last 14 days is not allowed to enter Queensland unless they are a resident returning home, who will then be required to quarantine at a hotel.”

Ms Ritchie said residents of border towns would still be allowed to cross the border as well as essential workers like truck drivers.

“We all need to do our part to keep Queensland safe, so it’s important you have your declaration filled out, you allow extra travel time and listen to the authorities at the checkpoints.”

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