RACQ: Plan ahead for your Easter road trip


RACQ is urging drivers to plan their journeys and make safety their number one priority this Easter.

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Head of Public Policy Susan Furze said tens of thousands of holidaymakers are expected to hit Queensland roads over the coming days. 

“Unfortunately, holiday periods can be a high-risk time for crashes, with many people travelling on roads they aren’t used to,” Ms Furze said. 

“We know people will be keen to get to get to their destination and enjoy the Easter break, but drivers must put safety first or they run the risk of not reaching their destination at all. 

“Remember not to speed, not to drive affected by drugs or alcohol, not to get distracted and ensure you and all of your passengers are buckled up before you set off.

“Road trips often mean you’re on the road for longer periods of time too, but driving tired is extremely dangerous, so make sure you plan ahead and find spots along the way where you can safely pull in for a break – at least once every two hours. 

“If you come across a roadside incident, please remember to move over or slow down to give responders a safe space to work.”

Ms Furze said many Queenslanders are also expected to head off-road this long-weekend.

“Whether you’re planning an off-road 4WDing adventure, or just a day trip along the beach, do your research and make sure you’re well prepared before you make tracks,” she said.

“Don’t forget road rules and safe driving behaviours still apply, so be on alert, wear a seatbelt, drive to the conditions and don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking alcohol.

“Let’s all get home safely this Easter.”

For the latest traffic and road closure information head to https://roadconditions.racq.com.au/

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