Heavy rain and flooding hits Queensland


RACQ has warned Queenslanders to prepare their homes and move vehicles to higher ground as intense rainfall and flooding inundates parts of the State.

Road closed
RACQ spokesperson Kate Leonard-Jones said the Club had already received more than 100 insurance claims from this widespread and unseasonal rainfall. 

“The majority of claims so far are from the Great Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Townsville and Wide Bay areas, but we do expect more claims in coming days as the weather system tracks further south,” Ms Leonard-Jones said.

“Around 80% of the claims received so far relate to property damage, including leaking roofs, water entry through windows and ground floor flooding. 

“The motor claims have resulted from parked vehicles being swamped. However, we again urge people to never drive through floodwaters, not only could it result in costly repairs to your vehicle, but it could also cost you your life.”

Ms Leonard-Jones warned all Queenslanders not to be complacent in the dangerous conditions.

“The ground is already saturated from recent rain meaning many areas have a heightened risk of flooding quickly,” she said.

“If you’re in an area impacted by this weather, move your vehicle to a safe location on higher ground, stay off the roads if you can, ensure your home’s doors and windows are shut tightly to prevent water entry, and if your property is at risk of flooding, remove personal belongings and contents from low-lying areas.

“More rain is forecast for the rest of this week and into the weekend so we’re pleading with everyone to please stay safe and avoid taking unnecessary risks.”

RACQ Members can lodge a claim here

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