Celebrating Queensland 2016

Queensland Week is an annual event run by our State Government that celebrates our culture, heritage, people and industry. This year Queensland Week will be held from 4–12 June, 2016. The week-long celebration centres around the state’s birthday on 6 June and acknowledges the ‘birth’ of Queensland as a separate colony in its own right.



Top items Qlders would save in a fire

Winter is coming and so is threat of a home fire, find out what you should be doing to protect yourself. 

It’s the hypothetical question no one wants to answer: what would you save in the event of a house fire? It’s a tough question to answer and even tougher to decide in the moment.

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Play it safe at home

It happened in a nanosecond. Young mum Kylie heard the back door of her family’s old Ipswich Queenslander slam shut, courtesy of the stiff wind that had done nothing to ease the searing summer heat all day.

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Defying the drought

RACQ Volunteers headed west recently to help drought-stricken farmers. What does drought look like? I confess, as a city slicker, I didn’t really know. As we left Brisbane for Longreach, I could see the landscape changing. From green, to dusty yellow, to deep red. As our plane landed it was evident, even to an untrained eye, this area had been hit hard.

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Get to the Chopper! Teaching more Qld kids

We’re expanding our road safety program with RACQ CareFlight. Teaching Queensland kids vital road safety skills is one of our principal endeavours, here at RACQ. We currently reach more than 20,000 students each year and are proud to now be expanding our existing education programs to help save more young lives.

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The 5 things you must know before voting

If you’re sick of sitting in traffic, if you’re fed up dicing with death every time you get on the highway, if you wouldn’t even consider your favourite getaway on a long weekend because it’s not worth the hours stuck behind thousands doing the same - this is what you need to know now.

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