Ekka excitement

For the first time in its century-plus history, RACQ will be the presenting partner of the annual Royal Queensland Show (Ekka). What that means for members is great savings on tickets to the biggest show on Queensland’s event calendar.

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Breakdowns are more common than you’d think.

Don't you hate it when you’re running late and your car won’t start? RACQ rescues 900,000 people every year.

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Life is better live!

As an RACQ member, the discounts available on live entertainment options are increasing every week. Love your live music? There is plenty on offer including, 70s/80s icons, Australian rock royalty and regional music events.


Qld drivers’ number one pet peeve

Aggressive drivers, motorists who double park, those who block intersections – we all have pet peeves when it comes to other motorists. Our annual What Drives You Crazy? 

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Flight of life

Gayel Stewart-Airs survived a horrific car crash, thanks to the RACQ-sponsored community rescue helicopter.

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The common mistake with side mirrors

Many people would argue that setting up your side mirrors is more of an art than a science. Do you keep a portion of your car in view? Do you need to see the road in your mirror?

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Star in a photoshoot

Have you ever wanted to star in an RACQ photoshoot? Well now is your chance, we are looking for members to star in our upcoming photoshoot. We want to represent our members in our photos. 

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