The Mobile Member Centre is an RACQ branch on wheels - helping us respond to the needs of our members and customers in times of emergency.

When you need us most

When Queenslanders get hit hard, we're there to help. Our one-of-a-kind mobile centre is ready to hit the road any time there is an emergency. It's packed with everything to help you - from satellite communications systems to water and power supplies.

After natural disasters like hailstorms, floods, cyclones or bush fires, our Mobile Membership Centre will arrive with assessors and claims officers. They'll be ready to give you immediate, on-the-spot help and claim lodgement.

Connecting with communities

Exterior of RACQ Mobile Member Centre truckFortunately, natural disasters don't happen every week. That's why our Mobile Member Centre also serves as a travelling office for Queensland's more remote communities. You might also see us at a trade show or a special event. If we roll into your town or suburb, please pop in, take a look around and meet our friendly team.

For more information, email the Mobile Member Centre.

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