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Community Sponsorships Program

Since 2017, RACQ Community Sponsorships program has supported over 50 organisations, businesses, clubs, associations and charities across Queensland, funding local initiatives (events, programs or activities) that are meaningful to community.

Initiatives we have sponsored include; Back to school kits for underprivileged children, edible community gardens, improving facilities for Men’s Shed’s, providing defibrillators to community clubs, supporting historic car rallies and support of activities for children with disabilities.

Applying for a Community Sponsorship is easy. If you feel you meet the sponsorship criteria and align with RACQ’s corporate responsibility categories, we would love to hear from you.

There are 2 intakes per year:

  • 1 October – 31 October 2021: Applications closed
  • 1 April – 30 April 2022

Sponsorship FAQs

Completed Community Sponsorships applications will be assessed by a selection panel. We will assess each sponsorship request based on the completed application, as well as the current mix within our sponsorship portfolio. RACQ regularly assesses its sponsorship portfolio to ensure that we are providing community support across Queensland. We will enter into a Sponsorship Agreement with successful applicants, the terms and conditions of which will be governed by RACQ’s Community Sponsorships Agreement, available on request at RACQ’s decision is final and not all applications will be deemed successful, even when application guidelines have been met in full. We will not engage in any communication in relation to applications that have not been considered or have been declined and have no obligation to indicate why an application was declined.

  • Requests to sponsor individuals.
  • Individual or groups fundraising for a third party, such as team sponsorship to participate in a charity fundraising event.
  • Organisations that cannot provide satisfactory details of the service delivery, financial or other relevant benefits of their activities.
  • Political party organisations or activities.
  • Religious organisations or activities, except where they involve the provision of recognised community welfare services.
  • Any activity involving or promoting unsafe practices or breaches of accepted community standards.
  • Organisations or activities that are considered discriminatory against any section of the community.
  • Events, programs or activities where the involvement of another sponsor would be contrary to, or in direct competition with, RACQ’s reputation, advocacy activities or commercial interests.
  • Events, programs or activities that do not provide measurable outcomes.
  • Initiatives that promote the use of tobacco or the excessive consumption of alcohol or any substance abuse, or are jointly sponsored by manufacturers of tobacco.
  • Activities that duplicate existing sponsorships.
  • Sponsorship in the form of in-kind support.
  • Initiatives that have already occurred.

You will be notified after assessment is complete, using the contact details provided in your application.

You will be notified of:

  • the sponsorship reporting requirements
  • terms and conditions, and
  • other requirements as necessary.

Once we’ve received all required documentation from you, we will provide you with a purchase order number to include on your tax invoice to RACQ. Sponsorship payments will be made within 30 days of receipt of your tax invoice. Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted two weeks after assessments are completed. Agreement with RACQ Successful applicants must complete their initiative within 12 months of being awarded sponsorship. Reporting will be required throughout the funded period or as agreed with RACQ. This will include pre, post and progress reports. We will provide you with templates to help with this.

RACQ is a registered trademark. The logo image is also protected, and any unauthorised use will represent a breach of RACQ’s intellectual property rights. Authority to use the RACQ name and brand or publish any material using the RACQ name and brand is at the sole discretion of RACQ. Unless an application is successful, Community Sponsorships applicants have no right to use any of RACQ’s name, trademark, brand or logo. The use of RACQ’s name, trademarks, brand or logo by successful applicants will be governed by the Sponsorship Agreement.

Successful applicants may be asked to participate with RACQ on matters such as publicity.

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