Our role in the community

We sponsor a wide range of initiatives across Queensland that help us connect with our members, their families and their communities. These initiatives include events, programs and activities that complement our business objectives, corporate responsibility categories and advocacy efforts, with the aim of:
  • providing real benefit to Queensland communities
  • leveraging opportunities that will benefit RACQ and our members
  • enhancing our reputation, image and brand.

What we sponsor

RACQ supports initiatives that align with one or more of our corporate responsibility categories, which include:
  • Motoring heritage – staying true to our origins, we will continue to support initiatives that align with our automobile club heritage.
  • Queensland lifestyle – supporting Queensland institutions, venues, teams, awards and recognition programs, events and performances that are a fundamental part of Queensland and who we are as Queenslanders.
  • Community wellbeing – Queenslanders helping Queenslanders when it’s needed most – emergency response; crime, accident and disease prevention; and initiatives encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
  • Education – initiatives that support Queensland teachers, and help primary and high school students develop the skills they need for the future.

Our sponsorships

Learn about the initiatives and organisations we sponsor around Queensland. 

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Sponsorship applications

Got a great initiative you'd like us to consider? If you believe it aligns with one or more of our corporate responsibility categories, our Local Sponsorships could help you make it happen. You can apply for any amount of funding up to a maximum of $3,000.

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