We’ve all got something in mind we’d like to save for – a holiday, a new car or a house deposit? And we’re here to let you know that saving could be simpler than you think.  

In fact, saving can be downright easy if you put the right steps in place. The problem is though, many people think saving money is about missing out on things. But they’re looking at it all wrong – you see, saving is about making small changes in your everyday life now so you can afford those things you’ve dreamt of later on. So really, you don’t miss out at all!

By following this 4-step plan, you’ll be well on your way to your savings goals. 

1. Create a budget

There are plenty of tools online to make this easy. We recommend the ASIC Moneysmart Budget Planner. A budget will help you work out where your money is going, where you can cut back, and just how much you could save in a year. 

2. Set achievable savings goals

Be realistic with your amounts and timeframes. We all want to save a lot of money and do it quickly. But we have to continue to live while we save. Be patient and realistic and use your budget to guide your savings goals, not the other way around! 

3. Use the right accounts

Get your money growing as fast as possible. Some accounts have great interest rates which will help your savings grow. Just make sure you understand the conditions of your accounts and how often they allow you to access your money. 

4. Regularly review your savings plan

Don’t just set and forget, keep checking back in and updating your plan if needed. You may get a pay rise or have an increase in your rent. Check in regularly to update your budget so it stays up-to-date as your situation changes. 

Now that you know how to go about it, get started on your 4-step savings plan today. And who knows – you could end up achieving your goals sooner than expected. Good luck!



If you need advice on opening a savings account, or you want more information on interest or youth accounts, our lending specialists can help you, 24/7. Give us a call, anytime.

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