With more cars on Queensland roads it’s good to keep on top of changing road rules and perhaps refresh yourself on what you may have forgotten. Whether you’re an older driver or just starting out, check out how our road rules have changed, learn the most overlooked rules and test out your skills online.

Updates for older drivers

In a bid to keep everyone safer on the road we often see updated road rules implemented across the state. These changes can especially impact Queensland’s older drivers or those who have formed lifelong driving habits.

If you’re an older driver it’s a great idea to regularly test your ability so you know yourself and others are safe when sharing the road. Small changes in your reflexes can occur over time and can happen without you even realising.

Want to know how you can be a safer older driver?

Check out our RACQ older driving programs now.

Changed Queensland road rules

Want to keep updated on our changing road rules? Check out 5 of Queensland’s changed road rules below and visit the Queensland Government website to take your road rules refresher test. While there, have a read on the most common road rules around overtaking, giving way, changing lanes, merging, and more.

Trucks on the M1

In a bid to free up congestion, truckies can only drive in the left two lanes on the M1, leaving the right lanes free for faster moving cars.

Giving way to cyclists

While always a law, it’s been made clearer for turning motorists to always give way to cyclists when the bike is on a green crossing light.

Bicycle carriers

It was once illegal for cars to drive with an empty bicycle carrier attached. This rule is obsolete and you’re free to drive with a bicycle carrier on your car, regardless if it’s empty.

Mobile phones

Perhaps the most known change in Queensland’s road rules; it’s illegal to drive while messaging or talking on your phone. Instead, get Bluetooth and ensure your phone’s not touching your body when you’re driving and chatting.

Emergency services speed limit

The speed limit when passing emergency workers has been reduced from 40km/hr to 25km/hr. This aims to protect emergency workers when they’re out of their emergency service vehicle.

Lesser known road rules

Think you’re across all Queensland’s road rules? Here’s a few you may not have known about;

  • Supervising a Learner or P plater - When teaching someone how to drive, put away the hands-free kit, Bluetooth and loudspeaker. Both the learner and supervisor need to be 100% focussed on the road when driving together.
  • Giving way - Not only do you need to give way to pedestrians, other cars and bikes, you’re also required to give way to a horse if the person in charge of the horse is walking or crossing the road.
  • Towing a car - To keep the car secure, ensure your tow rope is 4m or less.
  • Car collision - If your car needs to be towed due to a crash you must report this to the police, even if no one was hurt.
  • Indicators - Don’t forget to turn your indicator off. You risk a fine if your indicator’s still flashing after you change direction.

Need help on how to become safer on our roads? Our team’s available 24/7, 365 days a year. Give us a call on 13 1905 for all your motoring questions.

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