When you’re selling a home in Queensland it can pay knowing when the best time is to sell so you can get a great price. We’ve got some handy hints on what to consider before you list your property so you can sell at the right time, every time.

Selling seasons

Spring is always a popular time of the year to sell in Queensland. With gardens looking spectacular - Cherry Blossom and Jacaranda in bloom, and buyers out and about after winter, it’s easy to take advantage of your home looking its best. Selling your home in spring comes with a little extra competition so try to make your home stand out. A fresh coat of paint and spring clean can help make your home memorable.

Queensland summers mean scorching days and hot sticky nights. When you’re considering selling in summer, think about the lifestyle you’re selling too. A home near the water is perfect to evoke an emotion in buyers. Sell them long days at the beach and BBQ’s on the deck at dusk. If you’re selling an apartment in the city, it may be best to avoid hot confined stairwells in summer. Consider selling in a cooler season and take advantage of clear, bright days to showcase your apartment’s view.

Autumn, just like spring, means mild temperatures and lush tropical gardens. It’s another popular time to sell in Queensland with more buyers out and about after the Easter holidays. Autumn’s a great choice to target those buyers wanting a new home for winter. 

Winter, while traditionally overlooked, can be a perfect time to sell in Queensland. Gain the advantage with less properties for buyers to choose from. Winter homes can be decorated with heavier fabrics, adorned with crackling fires, and perfumed with home baking. Use all the senses to make your home more inviting.

Day and time

According to , 49% of properties auctioned at 9.00am on Saturday achieve a sale. Compare this to 42% auctioned at 10.00am on a Saturday and there’s a clear advantage in auctioning earlier in the day. Mid-week auctions also have a high clearance rate as there’s less competition with fewer properties being auctioned.

Season stats

Our friends at have stats on the number of homes that sell in Brisbane’s four seasons. Winter comes in first with 74% of homes achieving a sale, autumn has an average clearance of 69.8%, spring sits around 61.8%, with summer slightly lower at 61.1%. 

The result

If we look at the information above, the best time to sell in Queensland is 9.00am on Saturday morning in winter. It’s important to remember that this information is all relative. Your homes location and individual characteristics are the most important things to consider before selling. You sell a dream to a buyer as much as you sell your home. Think about the benefits of your property and let these shine. 

Front of house

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