Ten of the best dog parks in Queensland

Whether your furry friend is a playful pup or heading into their golden years, it’s important that they have plenty of space to sniff, stretch, and socialise. So, take advantage of our beautiful weather and get out and about with your four-legged friend.

These off-leash dog parks are perfect for running and playing, which makes them a great destination for a play date with your pooch.


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Summer chilling with your pooch

Summer in Queensland is no joke, and our extreme weather patterns can play havoc with our pets. While it’s good stay active in the warmer months, it’s also important that our four-legged friends stay safe.

So, whether it’s a run along the beach or playing fetch in the garden, here are our top tips for keeping your pets safe through the hot summer months.


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Work out buddy

Your playful pup may keep you active with endless games of fetch and tug of war, but sometimes, you might want to participate in an activity that’s a little more human-focused.

If you don’t want to leave your fur baby behind, don’t despair, as there are plenty of ways to work out with your dog in tow. Try a pet-friendly workout for a sweat session that both you and your dog will love.

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Games for puppy and kitten fun

Puppies and kittens need plenty of attention, lots of activity and just as much snooze time.

Keeping your pets active is an important part of ensuring they’re healthy, so have some fun with these cute game ideas your precious pup or kitten is sure to love.



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Tips to protect your pet this summer

Queensland is home to endless sunshine, perfect waves and friendly people. Although, in the warmer months there can be unique health risks that we need to protect our pets from.

We spoke to Animal Welfare League Queensland veterinarian Karishma Dahia for tips about how to keep your beloved pets safe from heat exhaustion paralysis ticks, snake bites and cane toad poisoning.


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How to create a home your new kitten will love

There’s nothing quite like welcoming a furry friend into the family. If you’re the new parent to a precious kitten, you’re bound to be falling in love with the endless snuggles and playtime. Apart from enjoying time with your new pet, make sure you have all the essentials ready for them to settle into your home. Use this checklist to create a happy home that your furry friend will love.



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