For more than 20 years the bank has been helping Queensland teens improve their sense of self through our Keyway Lifestyle program. The program has successfully motivated thousands of senior secondary students since its inception and helps students tackle some of the vast array of issues they face including bullying, peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, motivation and goal setting.

The program is offered to Queensland secondary schools free of charge on behalf of RACQ Bank. Delivered by Eric Bailey, a former Pro Basketball player turned motivational speaker, Eric himself had to overcome a multitude of issues growing up in LA but eventually forged successful career as a professional basketball playing both in the States and Australia. Eric has been delivering the program for more than 15 years and has a unique ability to connect with students from all walks of life. 

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Graduate to Greatness

Through the Keyway Lifestyle Program, RACQ Bank has been helping thousands of Queensland school leavers improve their sense of self. So it made sense to introduce Graduate to Greatness - a program specifically designed to help transition students in Years 6 & 7 from Primary to Secondary School.

The Graduate to Greatness program addresses issues such as self-esteem, bullying, motivation and coping with change in a manner that’s both engaging and understandable for preteens.

I thought the presentation was excellent... his story was very inspirational to many children.
- Kym Daley, St Mark's School

Information for Parents

With the shifting of Year 7 from primary to secondary school, the Graduate to Greatness program has been specifically designed to address issues students may face when making the transition including self-esteem, bullying, motivation and coping with change. The program was first launched in July 2013 to great applause by students, teachers and parents alike.

About Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey - the ambassador of the Graduate to Greatness Program - is a former Pro Basketball player and a motivational speaker. Born in downtown LA, Eric’s story is inspiring evidence that anyone can achieve success in the face of adversity, with a little courage and determination. He has the insightful ability to speak to students on their level.

Discussing the program with your child

If your child has recently attended the Graduate to Greatness program, it may be an ideal opportunity to discuss issues such as bullying, self esteem and dealing with change with your child. To help facilitate discussion and leverage off the content of the presentation we have included a few discussion questions below for you.

  1. What are you looking forward to in your new school?
  2. Are you nervous about starting at your new school? Discuss.
  3. How can I / we help you make the move to secondary school a really positive experience?

Information for Teachers

The program is available to primary schools in selected areas throughout Queensland and is offered at no cost on behalf of RACQ Bank. The program is delivered by Eric Bailey – a former Pro Basketball player and now, motivational speaker. Born in downtown LA, Eric’s story is evidence anyone can achieve success in the face of adversity with a little courage and determination. After successfully delivering the Keyway Lifestyle program to high school student for more than 15 years, Eric has the ability to make a lasting impression of the lives of students.

The program has been specifically designed for students in grades 6&7 to help them prepare for the transition to high school.  

Find out more

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Aspirations 4 kids in sport

Sometimes a small helping hand can have a remarkable impact on a person’s life. In 2012 we commenced a partnership with Aspirations for kids in sport – an organisation who helps Queensland kids realise their sporting dreams through providing financial bursaries to help them participate in sport. 

As an organisation, Aspirations for kids in sport, headed by cricket legend Ian Healy, aims use participation in sport to provide meaningful and positive change to students who want to participate in sport but for some reason find it difficult to do so. 

Over the years they have helped hundred of students improve their lives from big name stars such as Sally Pearson and Jharral Yow Yeh to many students you would have never heard of. Although each has had their lives transformed through the helping hand offered by this remarkable organisation, and RACQ Bank is proud to support the amazing work they do. 

Read about some of the students they have helped:

Kiah from Aspirations 4 Kids in Sport

Kiah, 10, is from a small town north west of Brisbane. Her Phys Ed teacher noticed her every afternoon at the local swimming pool in the public lanes. A quick chat with the Swimming coach revealed that Kiah would simply copy the strokes of the children training. When she spoke to Kiah, she discovered that due to family issues, going to the pool everyday gave her something to do after school but as she had no way of paying to join the squad she would simply just copy them. 

With a little help from Aspirations for kids in sport, who not only paid for her to join the swimming squad but also for a tutor to improve her school work, Kiah is going from strength to strength. Her school recently let us know that not only has improved her swimming stroke but also made the Southwest team for Cross Country and also attended the Southwest touch football trials. 

A message from Kiah

I was able to compete at swimming and improve by using the times from club.  It has given me an opportunity to swim better.  My goal is to swim better in butterfly, make age champion, Southwest, State and then Olympics.  My tutoring has helped me with my times tables and I can chant them and remember them.  My reading is improving slowly as we practice reading every afternoon.


Mesele was born in Ethiopia, however, at a young age his parents disappeared during the civil war and Mesele, along with his brother and sister, were forced too fend for themselves. As a refugee in Australia, Mesele was lucky enough to be settled in the Yeronga State High catchment as the school community. School principal Terry Heath and teacher Matt Peterson rallied around Mesele and his sister and effectively became their de facto family. 
A talented distance runner, earlier this year Mesele became an Australian citizen and dreams of representing his adopted nation at the Commonwealth Games and Olympics. Mesele is passionate about eduation and while overcoming the language barrier has been a challenge, Mesele is determined to go to university and gain a professional qualification. 

There are plenty of excuses that Mesele could hide behind but instead there is a big smile and a sheer determination to be the best person he can. Aspirations for kids in sport and RACQ Bank are proud to continue to assist Mesele as much as possible.


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