RACQ board nominations sought

Nominations have opened for candidates for election to the RACQ board to represent the South West Zone.

As Queensland’s largest club, RACQ operates a multi-million dollar business in a range of complex and highly regulated industries. Members with the appropriate skills and experience to direct and govern RACQ are encouraged to contact the Returning Officer.

All nominations are to be made in writing, on the relevant form, addressed to the Returning Officer, RACQ, PO Box 4, Springwood, 4127. A nomination form may be obtained by writing to the Returning Officer at the above address or by calling (07) 3361 2305.

Members are encouraged to return completed nomination forms so they are received by the Returning Officer on or before 5.00 pm AEST Wednesday 10 July 2019, to allow sufficient time for the details to be checked and verified. The deadline for submission of completed nomination forms is 12 noon AEST, Friday 12 July 2019.

As part of the nomination process, members agree to submit to such application or checks as may be usual or necessary and provide any information reasonably requested by the Returning Officer.

Copies of the constitution and by-laws of RACQ will be issued to members applying for nomination forms. These documents fully detail the requirements for eligibility to nominate and the nomination and election process, and should be read by all intending nominees.

Some of the requirements are:

  • a candidate must, when nominating, be an eligible, financial member of RACQ and a resident in the zone they seek to represent both at the time of nominating and at the time of the board election
  • a candidate must be nominated by at least 30 eligible financial members of RACQ.

Candidates should also note that, if they are successfully elected to the RACQ board, they will be required to join the boards of material operating subsidiary companies. This requires undergoing a fit and proper assessment that meets regulatory requirements.

One board position is available for election in the South West Zone. The incumbent director who retires by rotation is eligible for re-election.

The South West Zone is defined by the following Australia Post postcodes: 4350 to 4499, 2406 and 9880 to 9899.