DIY windscreen chip repairs

John Ewing shares some simple maintenance techniques to keep your windscreens looking good.
windscreen chip

Windscreen chip repairs

Minor windscreen chips can often be repaired, restoring the windscreen's strength and providing acceptable transparency in the repaired area – far cheaper than a replacement windscreen.

1. Damage is assessed to ensure the size, type, location on the screen and, relative to any previous repairs, permits repair in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard. The repair site is first prepared using probes and rotary burrs.

windscreen drilling
2. A repair bridge tool is fitted over the damage and special repair resin injected. The resin is pressurised, forcing it into the damage area and entrapped air out.

windscreen repair bridge
3. When the crack is completely filled, the tool is removed and a second type of resin is applied to fill any surface pitting. A UV lamp is then used to cure the resins.

windscreen uv lamp
4. When cured, any excess resin is scraped from the glass with a razor blade and the surface polished with a fine abrasive polishing paste. A final clean with glass cleaner completes things.

windscreen repair resin

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