Buying a used car or modifying your ride?

Here's a breakdown of what Aussies look for when buying preowned and how they modify their rides.
man and woman buying a car

When looking for a car, a lot of things come down to the individual and personal preference. A young bloke maybe after something sporty, or a ute to help with work. While a parent might be more concerned with room for the kids and safety ratings.

A recent survey by Carzoos found the factors that influence all of us when buying a car, what modifications we prioritise, how preferences compare between men and women and if age changes our wants and needs.

Buying a car

Unsurprisingly, price was the biggest influence across ages, demographics and genders, followed by reliability and maintenance and the number of kilometres travelled.

Surprisingly, however, the condition of the engine, tyres and safety factors played only a small part in the decision-making process and even fewer (only 3.7%) factored in the car's environmental impact.

Young men seemed to care about style over substance with no 18-24 viewing the reliability of a car as a key purchasing factor.

Men aged from 45-54 were far more sensible, however, voting that reliability was the most important condition.

The older demographic was found to be the thriftiest when purchasing a car, with men aged 55-64 and women aged over 64 believing price to be the number one consideration.


Men vs Women

The debate about men loving cars more than women may now be put to bed with women in 2018 showing a larger interest in cars, their features, performance and fit-outs.

The survey found women aged 18-24 were more likely to make aftermarket modifications to their vehicles than men the same age.

Twice as many women said they would modify their car's suspension, hydraulics, paint and body kits than men.

As for females aged over 24, almost three in four said they wouldn't make any changes to their vehicle.

Is age a factor

The phrase boys love their toys appears to still ring true, with men aged 18-24 caring the most about modifications – namely - engines, turbos, body kits and fancy paint jobs.

As men get older, their priorities shift away from the flashy and loud and go more towards the car's handling, with suspension and hydraulics the most modified components.

Those surveyed between the ages of 45 and 54 said wheels, suspension and hydraulics were the most important and that body kits and paint jobs were a waste of time.

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