New fine for parking at electric vehicle charging stations


State Government acts to ensure charging bays are kept available for EV drivers.

An EV being recharged.

Drivers of petrol or diesel vehicles who park in electric vehicle (EV) charging bays in Queensland face a fine of $55.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the new penalty addressed a pain point for the rapidly increasing number of Queensland EV drivers.

“The Palaszczuk Government is committed to supporting a zero-emission transport future and it’s encouraging to see more and more Queenslanders than ever transition to electric vehicles,” Mr Bailey said.

“There are now 7,110 registered electric cars on our roads (at 31 December 2021), which is up by over 1605% since 2017.

“I’ve travelled across Queensland and have heard firsthand from EV owners that they often can’t get into charging spots due to other cars using them for parking, which is why we’ll be firmly cracking down on this behaviour.”

RACQ welcomed the move to ensure charging bays were kept available for EV drivers.

“As increasing numbers of electric vehicles take to our roads, it is even more important for the EV charging bays to be available and not used for parking by non-EV drivers,” RACQ Head of Public Policy Susan Furze said

“We encourage Queenslanders to be courteous on our roads at all times and this includes leaving EV charging bays for recharging only.”

Mr Bailey said the new EV charging bay penalty supported the Palaszczuk Government’s expansion of the RACQ-sponsored Queensland Electric Super Highway (QESH).

“We have already invested $5.3 million to construct 31 QESH EV charging sites across Queensland,” he said.

“Last year, we also announced an additional $2.75 million to nearly double the length of the existing QESH network – taking the number of fast charging locations in Queensland to 49.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey at a Queensland Electric Super Highway charging station.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey at a Queensland Electric Super Highway charging station.

“This means you can travel from Brisbane to Mount Isa, Goondiwindi to Emerald, and Longreach to Cairns knowing there are charging stations along the way.

“The use of the QESH network is at an all-time high, which is why we will continue to invest in these important initiatives and crackdown on illegal parking at EV charging bays across the state.”

Mr Bailey said the new EV parking bay fine would apply from 4 February and joined a number of new penalties on Queensland roads.

The Queensland Road Rule prohibiting U-turns at an intersection with traffic lights, unless permitted, has been extended to include signals where a road and road-related area meet. This would include where a road meets a driveway or shopping centre entrance.

A new rule has also been introduced to increase safety at crossings to protect vulnerable road users.

Drivers must not make a U-turn at a children’s crossing, level crossing, marked foot crossing or pedestrian crossing, with or without traffic lights, unless there is a U-turn permitted sign.

Penalties of $110 will apply for breaches of both new U-turn rules.

Visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website for information on road rules and penalties.

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