Are you in my blind spot?


Sponsored content: This National Road Safety Week, Transurban in partnership with the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA), is sharpening its focus on truck safety.

Lady driving a truck

Road safety is a shared responsibility and with increased numbers of vehicles returning to the road alongside heavy freight transport, now is the time for all motorists to think about how they can share the road safely. 

Head of Road Safety at Transurban Liz Waller said motorists could show their support to the heavy vehicle industry and its professional drivers by using National Road Safety Week (15–22 May) to educate themselves around the safe interaction with heavy vehicles on Australian roads and motorways. 

“I urge everyone to get to know truck blind spots and start a conversation about truck safety with colleagues, family and friends,” Ms Waller said.

“Truck drivers regularly encounter other road users conducting quick lane changes or lingering in their blind spots without knowing the danger they are placing themselves and the truck driver in. Unfortunately, the outcome can be significant in the event of a crash.” 

Chief Executive Officer QTA Gary Mahon shares Transurban’s commitment to safety and agreed an investment in truck safety education was an important part of educating all motorists on our roads. 

“The workplace of a truck driver is on our roads and we want that workplace to be as safe as possible for the people behind the wheel of the trucks delivering into our communities,” Mr Mahon said. 

“If a truck is in your vicinity, avoid driving immediately behind it as you will not be visible to the truck driver.

“If you can’t see the truck’s mirrors when behind it, the driver will not see you. If you are in an adjacent lane, sit well behind the trailer so the truck driver can use his rear-view mirrors to keep you in sight.”



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