State Library hosts exhibition of mythical worlds

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Schoolchildren’s magical cardboard creations brought to life.

Boy loooks at exhibit at Great and Grand Rumpus exhibition at State Library of Queensland.

Cows taller than giraffes and one-eyed creatures that shoot laser beams are some of the wacky cardboard creations on display in a new State Library of Queensland exhibition.

The Great and Grand Rumpus invites visitors to run wild among 5m cardboard sculptures brought to life by interactive digital projections.

The exhibition results from more than 1,000 innovative storytellers crafting and sculpting mythical worlds and creatures based on ideas workshopped by schoolchildren over the past 15 months.

Visitors can build on this work by crafting their mythical creations, from koi lanterns to board games and more.

State Librarian and CEO Vicki McDonald said The Great and Grand Rumpus exhibition showcased what was possible when creative minds came together “to create something magical”.

“This cardboard world of wonder and whimsy will inspire a sense of creative possibility in everyone,” Ms McDonald said.

“So come see how the unreal becomes reality at State Library.”

Queensland Arts Minister Leeanne Enoch said the exhibition was a wonderful opportunity to see the innovative outcomes of a project that encouraged schoolchildren to become creative visionaries.

“Projects like this support children to actively participate in the arts and engage with the world in new and imaginative ways,” Ms Enoch said.

The exhibition is free and open daily from 10am-5pm until 18 April.

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