Remember to rest your eyes during long drives

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Research commissioned by Laubman & Pank showed 74% of Australian drivers were planning a long road trip, with more than half of these completed by just one driver.

Vision is our main information source when driving. Studies show that up to 90% of information acquired during driving has a visual nature.

Our eye muscles are designed to be constantly in use throughout the day.

When driving long distances, it’s vital that drivers take regular breaks, which help reduce fatigue and give your eyes a chance to rest.

Often, we rub our eyes in response to eyestrain. If you’re constantly rubbing your eyes then you should have an eye test to rule out the need for glasses and other eye health issues.

We asked optometrist Mario Basso what eye conditions might require vision correction.

Short sightedness (myopia) affects your ability to see things in the distance clearly, as the light entering your eyes is focused in front of the retina.

Long sightedness (hyperopia) occurs when incoming light is focused behind the retina causing problems with seeing things clearly up close. It can cause eye strain as you age.

Astigmatism causes eyeballs that are normally spherical to resemble the shape of a rugby ball. This irregularity in the curvature of the cornea can cause blurring and eye strain at all distances.

Presbyopia is a part of ageing and occurs when your eyes start struggling to bring close objects into focus. It’s familiar to many over 40 who start finding reading difficult in dimly lit environments or need to hold mobiles and newspapers at arm’s length to read.

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