Pet boarding vs pet sitting


Which is better for you and your pet?

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Whether you’re planning a weekend at the coast or a month-long overseas trip, deciding on the best care for pets while you’re away can be stressful.

Knowing your pet will be well looked after can help make the decision a little easier.

For many, the best option will come down to the temperament of the individual animal.

When to consider boarding your pet

One of the benefits of choosing a boarding kennel or cattery is 24/7 supervision.

Boarding facilities are like safe and secure hotels for pets, with each animal in its own room.

Many boarding facilities have a full contingent of staff during the day and an overnight caretaker to manage emergencies.

Staff are trained and experienced pet care professionals and may offer grooming or obedience training at an extra cost.

Your vet should be able to recommend reputable boarding facilities in your local area.

When pet sitting is a good option

Pet sitting may be a good option if you have multiple dogs, cats or other pets.

Pet sitters will typically stay at your home while you’re away or stop by to feed and play with your pets a couple of times a day.

Animals are happier and less stressed in their own home environment and their daily food and exercise routines can be maintained. As a bonus, sitters can keep an eye on your house while you’re away.

Websites such as PetCloud and Mad Paws allow pet owners to choose from a database of thoroughly vetted and insured pet sitters in your community. Sitters are reviewed by owners, so you can choose someone who suits your pet’s individual needs.

Other options

If you have good relationships with your neighbours and are only going to be away for a few days, consider asking your neighbours to feed your pets and paying teenage neighbours to walk your dog.

Ask your family or friends if your pet can have a ‘sleepover’ at their house. This may not be suitable if your pet is anxious or doesn’t get on well with your friend or family’s pets.

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