Christmas gift guide for your pet


Great gifts for the pet that has everything.

Cat and dog next to a white Christmas tree surrounded by presents

Don’t forget your furry friend this festive season with these pet safe toys and treats to help you avoid ending up in the doghouse.

Sometimes simple is best and in lieu of a cardboard box or tennis ball, there are lots of great pet toys on the market. But while every pet loves a new toy, there are some do’s and don’ts around selecting the perfect toy.

Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) State Rehoming Manager Melinda Phipps said it was important to consider what type of animal you have when buying a new toy.

“Choking hazards are a big one, so the toy needs to be something that suits your pet and it’s got to be robust – something that they can’t swallow,” Melinda said.

Instead, she said, opt for puzzle toys to keep them occupied for longer and don’t purchase anything that may come apart like cat feathers and toys with lots of parts.

Pet safe toys

  • Kong puzzle toys
  • Catit Cat Senses Super Roller Circuit
  • West Paw Bumi Tug toy
  • Catit Senses 2.0 Food Digger

We all deserve a treat at Christmas but with an influx of unhealthy pet treats on the market it’s important to know which ones will keep your animal both happy and healthy.

Melinda said there was often an increase in vet visits over Christmas due to pets consuming unhealthy treats.

“The most common one for vet clinics is people want to give pets treats that they don’t usually eat and things that will give them an upset tummy,” Melinda said.

She recommends only giving your pet foods that they would normally eat, like raw hide and combining them with puzzle toys to keep your pets satisfied for longer.

And keep in mind that treats should stay just that – no matter how much your pet begs.

Christmas foods can also cause health problems for our pets. Find out what not to feed your pet here.

Healthy pet treats

  • Make your own raw hide
  • Clear Dog Treats
  • Naturally Raw Pet Store

For those who don’t have a pet this Christmas but still want that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from spoiling them, then consider donating your time, money or items (beds, food, toys) to Animal Welfare League Queensland.

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