Move over grey nomads

New research challenges the stereotype of caravan and RV enthusiasts.
Person on ladder at the back of an RV
While caravanning is usually considered to be the domain of grey nomads, a new study has revealed caravans and other recreational vehicles (RV) are increasingly popular options for younger holidaymakers.

Research by the Caravan Industry Association Australia (CIAA) has shown one in 13 Australian households have a registered caravan or RV, and the median age of an RV owner is 33 years old.

CIAA General Manager Research and Advocacy Peter Clay said the popularity of RVs with younger generations is unsurprising.

“We have always known that RV ownership is a journey that starts in your 20s with the purchase of entry-level smaller product, such as a camper trailer, and then progresses into larger caravan ownership and then into motorhomes,” Mr Clay said.

“The fact the median age is 33 years for current RV owners, suggests that this lifecycle of ownership remains relevant.”

Research revealed purchase price and return on investment are major purchasing considerations, with almost 20% of RV owners using their vehicle for less than seven nights per year.

Mr Clay said the rise of the sharing economy will increase the return on investment value for current and future RV owners.

“Along with owning your own home, owning your own RV is quintessentially Australian and the sharing economy can provide a way for future RV owners to try before they buy,” he said.

“Peer-to-peer sharing can increase consumer confidence and satisfaction in knowing that the RV they will eventually purchase will fit their lifestyle and needs.

“It also means more RVs on the road, as opposed to in driveways, as the vehicles are being used more often so their owners see the value in staying connected to the RV lifestyle.”

Top considerations when buying an RV

  • Purchasing price
  • Road handling
  • Ongoing operational costs
  • Features and amenities
  • Towing capacity of current family car
  • Parking and storage options at home

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