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RACQ is improving how you receive your copy of The Road Ahead digital edition.

From this month, you will receive a newsletter linking to the latest edition of the magazine delivered directly to your inbox.

The April/May edition will be the final bi-monthly The Road Ahead.

From June, the magazine will be published quarterly to match the seasons, marking the end of an era and the start of an exciting new one.

There are several reasons for the change, starting with the June/July/August edition.

Increasing production costs and paper shortages have sparked a review of our publishing practices.

We have also listened to our members who have made it very clear that sustainability and protecting the environment are very important

Reducing the publishing frequency will also positively impact the environment, from using less paper to lowering emissions generated by the production and delivery processes.

As a digital subscriber you can look forward to more features in The Road Ahead from the June/July/August edition.

The Road Ahead team looks forward to further improving the digital edition with more competitions and special bonus content which will not be available in the printed edition.

We are excited for what the future holds for The Road Ahead and look forward to you continuing on that journey with us.

Keep an eye on your inbox for The Road Ahead newsletter and happy reading!

Deb Eccleston,
Managing Editor

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