The account that rewards you for your extra savings

With our Bonus Saver Account, you get rewarded for your savings from the get-go. From the very first dollar you deposit each month, you’ll earn bonus interest – and the bigger your balance, the bigger the bonus. You’ll receive bonus interest by making one deposit each month and there are no monthly account keeping fees and no minimum ongoing balance. Plus you can withdraw once a month without losing your bonus interest. It’s just one of the ways you’re getting more with RACQ Bank.

Up to 0.80 % p.a

Why choose an RACQ Bonus Saver Account?

No account keeping fee

With no ongoing monthly fees, more of your money stays with you – helping your savings grow even more.

Rewards for regular deposits

All you need to do to unlock the bonus interest rates is deposit at least $1 per month, and this can be done in branch or via internet banking or our mobile app.

Bigger bonuses

Not only will you have access to great rates, but you’ll get higher bonus interest rates with higher deposits.

Serious savings

As an RACQ member, you’ll have access to upwards of 1,200 discount partners locations to help you save some serious dollars.

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