Receiving payments is now simply instant

RACQ Bank is one of the first in Australia to bring you PayID as part of the New Payments Platform (NPP) system. It will revolutionise how money is transferred, allowing you to instantly receive payments from participating financial institutions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your PayID is unique to you, using something easy to remember such as your mobile number or email address. You’ll be able to link your PayID to an eligible RACQ Bank account, which will allow you to receive payments in real time.


  1. Log in to your internet banking account
  2. Click register for a PayID
  3. Select the PayID you wish to use
  4. Choose the account you wish to link to your PayID

Register now

You’ll need to have an eligible RACQ Bank account, such as an Everyday Account or Advantage Plus Account. Don’t have an eligible account? Apply online today.


What is PayID?

A PayID is used for payments made via the NPP. Your PayID links your bank account to your mobile phone number or email address, so it’s much simpler and easier to remember than your BSB and account number. After you register a PayID, you can tell people to make payments to your PayID instead of giving out your bank account details.


Why get a PayID?


Payments are processed almost straightaway, 24/7. No need to wait days for your payments to clear, even over the weekend.


No more BSBs or account numbers to remember. Just use your mobile number or email address to identify your account.


Payments use the same security as internet banking.

Your PayID can be created in RACQ Bank internet banking if you have an eligible RACQ Bank account, such as an Everyday Account or Advantage Plus account. If you experience any issues creating a PayID on your mobile phone or tablet, please try using a laptop or desktop computer. If you are still unsuccessful, call 13 1905 for support.

RACQ Bank accounts that can be linked to a PayID include, the Everyday Account, Advantage Plus Account, Bonus Saver Account, eSave Account, Everyday Mortgage Offset, First Everyday Account, Cash Management Account, Current Account and My Account.

Please note only accounts for personal customers are eligible. If you have an account not listed here and want to know how to register for PayID, call us on 13 1905.

You can use either your mobile phone number or email address to create a PayID that’s linked to your RACQ Bank account. You will be presented with either or both options when you register, depending on the contact details we hold for you. To make sure we have your latest contact details, please call 13 1905 or visit an RACQ Bank branch.
Yes, you can have multiple unique PayIDs with different financial institutions. However, each PayID can only be linked to one account. For example, you could use your mobile phone number and email address with RACQ Bank and choose to:

• link both PayIDs to one bank account
• link each PayID to a different bank account.

Yes. Multiple PayIDs can be linked to the same account number. For example, your mobile phone number and email address can be linked to the same RACQ Bank account. 

No, PayID can only be used to receive payments within Australia.
Yes, provided you have registered a PayID and the sender’s financial institution has enabled instant payments to be made.