Steps to refinancing with RACQ Bank

With low fees and competitive interest rates across our suite of home loan products, it makes sense to switch to RACQ Bank and get more bang for your buck. When you’re looking at refinancing your home loan we know you want to choose a bank you can trust.

Step 1

Understanding the process

When it comes to refinancing, there are a number of things worth considering – to put yourself in the best financial position. Here’s a a list we’ve put together to give you some guidance, and to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Ask yourself why you’re refinancing – are you looking for better rates, lower fees or something else?
  • Compare loans – remember to look beyond the interest rates, and find out about any extra fees or charges that may apply.
  • Work out your borrowing power – even though you think you know how much you need, it’s always worth working out how much you’re likely to be lent (see step 2 below).
  • Apply for the loan – once you’ve worked out the best loan for you, apply usually by starting the application process online. Download the home loan application checklist and then talk to a lending specialist.
  • Sign the loan contract – and we'll take care of paying out the old loan for you.
Step 2

Working out how much you can borrow

Your financial situation may have changed since you last took out a home loan, so it’s always a good idea to get an indication of your borrowing power.

Step 3

Getting your loan

Once you’ve got an idea of why it is you’re renovating, and the amount of money you might be able to borrow, it’s time to find the loan to suit your needs.

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Step 4

Getting the most out of your RACQ membership

When it comes to buying an investment property, we’re here to provide you with the same high level of service and help you’ve come to expect from us. Plus, you’ll also get access to the following advantages:

  • Great low rates and fees, with a range of loans to suit you
  • Dedicated lending specialists and access to mobile lenders
  • Member discounts on homewares and home services 
  • Queensland-based 24/7 call centres and dedicated branch network