It starts with a conversation.

Doing something for the first time can make us feel a little apprehensive. When it comes to planning for your future, the first step is simply making time for a chat. Talk with us and we’ll arrange a meeting with your local advisor at an RACQ Bank branch, or at our head office in the Brisbane CBD. Your initial appointment is without cost or obligation.

What to expect.

Our approach places you at the centre of all that what do. We believe that’s how it should be. Your Advisor will guide you through the process of designing a personalised financial plan. It can seem complex, however our role is to work in consultation with you whilst doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes. This approach is just one of the reasons for engaging a RACQ Financial Planning advice professional.

Step 1

Prepare for your initial meeting

Once your appointment is booked, we’ll provide you with a list of documents and information that would be helpful to bring to your appointment.

At your first appointment

The focus of the initial meeting is to learn about you. We’ll discuss your goals, your lifestyle, what’s important to you, and we’ll talk through your current financial situation.

It’s also an opportunity for you to get to know more about us. We’ll discuss the way that we work with our clients and we’ll also discuss the fee structure and your payment options. Naturally we only work with you as a client where we’re in a position to add significant value to your situation.

Often there is a need for a follow up meeting or telephone discussions. To create a plan that’s as individual as you are means that we need to check carefully that all relevant matters and considerations are taken into account.

Prior to designing your strategy we’ll come back to you with a personalised engagement letter. This reflects back to you our understanding of your needs and the areas that are most important at this time. We’ll outline the professional fee that applies for us to prepare your plan.

After meeting with us, learning about how we can help, and receiving our engagement letter you’ll then be in a position to decide if we’re the people to help you reach for the life you deserve.

Throughout the process, you can expect a high level of personal support from our team – both in the time we spend with you and the time we spend behind the scenes on your behalf.

Step 2

Designing your personal plan

Based on our discussion and the confirmation of your needs we’ll prepare your Personal Plan, known as a Statement of Advice. This document contains details of the specific actions recommended for you to move forward. We will meet with you again in person to present our recommendations. It’s important you understand and are comfortable with all the recommended actions.

Of course all decisions in life involve balancing your actions now with the outcomes you seek in the future.

We work with you to get this balance right and you can make changes or request revisions to the strategy.


Step 3

Taking action

Once you are comfortable with your financial strategy, we will commence the implementation of the recommended actions. This is a critical element of the financial planning process. Your recommended strategies target and protect your most important goals.

There are a significant number of steps involved in bringing your recommendations to life. Examples include:

  • reconfiguring investment portfolios to manage risk and target tax effective outcomes
  • implementing new savings and investment programs
  • aligning superannuation contributions
  • commencing debt reduction elements
Step 4

Ongoing Care

Markets change, investments change, and your circumstances will too – so it’s important to observe your progress and make adjustments as required. We’ll also check in with you to make sure we continue to understand you and your individual circumstances.