We make it all about you

‘Wealth’ means something different to all of us.  For some it’s a number that symbolises financial security.  For others it’s measured in time – for yourself and your goals; for your family and your dreams.

Because we recognise that your definition of wealth may mean something entirely different to the next person, we’ve adopted a values-based approach to help you strive for both your personal and financial goals. We believe that they should be aligned; that your finances should support who you really are and what’s important to you and those you care about.

We take a values-based approach

Planning for your future isn’t just about building a large Super balance – to us it’s also about helping you achieve your life plans. And though we have the skills and expertise to create wealth for you, we don’t instantly assume that that’s what you are striving to achieve when you talk to us. 

For you, values-based planning means:

  • Understanding your life plans
  • Understanding what is most important
  • Understanding who is a priority in your life
  • Recognition of your financial and non-financial priorities
  • Providing you with a plan to achieve this

People first, not product-first

To support our values-based planning philosophy, we ensure that financial products are not the starting point for our advice or your financial plan. We take time to understand your unique requirements first and then access a range of products to match your needs.

We select solutions which are both relevant to your circumstances and will contribute to achieving your goals.

Our proud Queensland history

RACQ Financial Planning has been proudly serving Queenslanders for over 30 years. We are wholly owned by Members Banking Group Limited trading as RACQ Bank. Whether you are an existing RACQ Bank member, an RACQ member, or you simply call Queensland home, talk with us about how we can help you live the life you deserve