Local Mobility Trial Terms and Conditions

  1. RACQ is undertaking a trial of additional and alternative Entitlements following a towing event for members who hold a Plus Care Roadside Assistance Product.
  2. The trial is proposed to run from 1 May 2022 to 31 August 2022. RACQ may extend the trial or end the trial early at its discretion.
  3. Under RACQ’s Roadside Assistance Terms & Conditions, following a towing event a member who holds Plus Care Roadside Assistance Product is entitled to taxi fares up to a maximum of $27 per annum, subject to the member’s maximum annual Entitlements of $1,100 (including GST).
  4. The trial will involve additional and alternative local mobility Entitlements, which may include providing a participating member with Cabcharge vouchers (which may be provided in digital form). The Entitlements offered during the trial and the manner in which those Entitlements are offered may change throughout the trial period.
  5. During the trial period, members who hold a Plus Care Roadside Assistance Product whose Nominated Vehicle experiences a Breakdown within 100km of Home and requires towing may be offered additional and alternative Entitlements. RACQ may select eligible members to participate in the trial at RACQ’s discretion. An eligible member may choose not to participate in the trial.
  6. The value of Entitlements offered to a member who participates in the trial (including the offering of any additional Entitlement should the initial Entitlement provided be fully utilised) and the manner in which Entitlements are provided will be at RACQ’s discretion. The Entitlements which will be offered will be explained to the member.
  7. The amount of the Entitlement used by a participating member (ie, the amount of any voucher actually used, not the amount of vouchers provided), including GST and any service or other fee, will be counted towards the member’s maximum aggregate annual Entitlements.
  8. If a participating member is provided with a voucher issued by a third party, the voucher issuer’s terms and conditions will apply to the member’s use of the voucher.
  9. Entitlements will be provided for use only until the participating member’s Nominated Vehicle is repaired and collected by, or returned to, the member (or the period RACQ considers is reasonably required in order for those repairs to be completed and the Nominated Vehicle collected or returned). Unused Entitlements (including vouchers), or unused portions of them, may be cancelled.
  10. Entitlements (including vouchers) provided to participating members will not be able to be used for certain charges, such as tips, Silver Service cabs. Any such charges must be paid by the member.
  11. Participating members will be requested to provide consent to the disclosure of the member’s personal information to RACQ’s external service providers (including third party issuers of any vouchers provided to the member) to the extent required. RACQ recommends that members read the privacy statements of those external service providers.
  12. RACQ may request that participating members complete a survey regarding their experience in the trial. Participation in the survey will be voluntary.
  13. If RACQ considers that a participating member is using the Entitlements provided in an excessive or unreasonable manner (whether in amount or frequency), is providing Entitlements provided by RACQ to persons other than usual drivers of the Nominated Vehicle or is using those Entitlements other than as a replacement for their usual use of the Nominated Vehicle, RACQ may (without limitation) suspend the member’s participation in the trial, cancel the unused portions of Entitlements that have been provided or (if Entitlements provided by RACQ have been fully utilised) refuse to provide additional Entitlements to the member.
  14. Except as amended by these terms and conditions, RACQ’s Roadside Assistance Terms and Conditions will continue to apply. Terms defined in those Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in these terms and conditions.