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Jaguar X-Type 2.1 litre sedan (2002-2009)

by John Ewing,reviewed August 2010

With X-Type, Jaguar went stalking sales in the prestige compact sedan market hoping to get their corporate claws into the spoils shared largely by Mercedes, BMW and Audi.
More affordable than other Jags, and with all-wheel-drive or, horror-of-horrors, front-drive, it was a radical change from the luxury British breed’s rear-drive traditions.

From 2002 the new entry level X-Type was the 2.1-litre front-wheel-drive model, joining its larger engine capacity, all-paw siblings released the year before. It shared the same all-alloy AJ V6, albeit with shortened stroke to derive its smaller capacity.

The then company owner, Ford, raided their Mondeo parts bins to develop X-Type, while endeavouring to retain traditional Jaguar look, feel and refinement.

Specifications and model designation varied according to year, and later versions offering upgraded equipment levels and cosmetic changes. Standard items on all models included eight airbags, antilock brakes, traction control, alloys, air conditioning, leather trim and timber panelling. There were plentiful luxury options too. Dynamic stability control wasn’t standard until July 2007.

Engine-wise, it’s the runt of the pedigree litter with the smallest displacement of any Jaguar to-date. On the road it shows, with the V6’s low and mid-range torque deficit and a kerb mass around 1500kg making for performance that doesn’t get a wholehearted roar of approval. If worked hard for best progress, expect fuel economy to suffer.

The most popular gearbox is the five-speed auto, though earlier base models could be had with five-speed manual. Traditionally plush ride, precise handling and comfortable seating best limited to four, complete the picture.

It’s the Jag for ‘beer pocket champagne taste’ buyers, so used cars that haven’t been carefully serviced and maintained are common – avoid them, they’ll  prove expensive and nastier than anything the cat could drag in.

Common costly problems include leaking water pumps, cracking coolant reservoirs, worn sway bar and suspension bushes, noisy front strut top mounts, oil leaks (especially sump gaskets), and lifting dash vents. Check autos for proper operation and shifting without flare. A reconditioned box is about $7500. Make sure the ventilation, heater and air conditioning all works as intended too – repairs can be expensive.

Under the pump

X-Type 2.1 will use between 7.4 litres and 14.5 litres of premium (95 RON) fuel every 100km, depending on model and driving conditions.

What will it cost? 

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Audi A4 2002 – 2009

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Jaguar X-Type 2.1 litre Sedan 2002-2009

Car Details

Vehicle make Jaguar
Vehicle model X-Type 2.1 litre Sedan
Year 2002
Current price range $ - $

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