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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 (2007)

by Chris Bishop,reviewed June 2007

Jeep’s most ambitious high-rider ignores convention. It is frighteningly fast and terribly thirsty.
Even toting 2171 kg, its massive Hemi V8, all 6059cc of it, provides performance to shame most sports cars.

Jeep’s specialised torque proportioning 4WD system shifts from a mainly rear-wheel bias to the front end slickly and without frying tyres.

A ground-hugging stance annuls off-roading however, in combination with tweaked suspension and steering, provides positive handling. This SRT-8 rides admirably on 20-inch rubber, although its bulk tests the brakes.

It offers plenty of safety gear and rear parking sensors.

Positives include sporty and supportive front seats, handy space and practicality, and decent build quality.

Expect high running costs, tiresome ergonomics and trying times topping up the tank with top-grade premium petrol.
Jeep Grand Cheroke SRT-8 2007


Performance, ride, seats, equipment


Thirst, ergonomics, running costs, brakes

Car Details

Vehicle make Jeep
Vehicle model Grand Cherokee SRT-8
Vehicle type Luxury SUV
Year 2007
Price when new $85,990 MLP
Current price range $ - $

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Engine 6.1-litre, Hemi V8
Max power 313 kW @ 6000
Max torque 569 Nm @ 4800
Acceleration to 100 km/h 5.5 secs
Braking from 80 km/h 25.1 m
Fuel type (ADR FIGURE): 16.4 litres/100 km

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