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Suzuki Jimny Sierra (2008)

by Barry Green,reviewed

Among nearly 30 recreational 4WD offerings in our annual Australia’s Best Cars awards, Suzuki’s diminutive Jimny stands out from the crowd.
Not because it excels, or fails, but with prices starting from $17,990 (JX manual), the Jimny is less than two-thirds the cost of its nearest competitor.

Which begs the question: is it two-thirds the car? In some ways, yes, other ways, no.

With a 1.3-litre four squeezing out 62.5 kW and 100 Nm, the Jimny is underpowered compared with the better-endowed opposition that bear engines 2.0-litre or bigger.

But, at 1060 kg, it is also light, which helps returns an ADR fuel figure of 7.3-litres/100km, consigning many of the others to the sin bin. The only problem is, the recommended RON is 95, rather than the cheaper 91 ULP.

In addition to its normal road-going capability, it has push-button high and low-range selection that opens up a complete off-road experience, whether it be beach driving, bush bashing or tackling muddy or snowy going.

The Drive Action 4x4 system is easy to use, with shifts between two-wheel drive and high-range four-wheel drive possible on the move at speeds of up to 100km/h. 

Engaging low range requires the vehicle to be stationary and either in neutral or with the clutch depressed.

As an urban hack, the Jimny’s short wheelbase and narrow track makes it easy to wheel around, but the ride is harsh and choppy.

Furthermore, the five-speed manual gearbox feels tight and throws are abrasive.

Comfort levels are basic, but the little vehicle’s box shape makes for excellent all-round vision for those onboard.

With four up, the Jimny is a tight fit, but the rear seats fold down to provide reasonable carrying capacity.

Shortcomings or not, we think it’s a good thing that there’s still a 4WD at this price in this day and age.
Suzuki Jimny Sierra 2008


Price, economy, high/low range


Notchy gearbox, basic comfort, harsh ride

Car Details

Vehicle make Suzuki
Vehicle model Jimny Sierra
Vehicle type SUV Under $40,000
Year 2008
Price when new $19,990 MLP
Current price range $ - $

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Approved Repairers

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Engine 1.3-litre petrol 4-cyl
Max power 62.5 @ 6000 rpm
Max torque 62.5 @ 6000 rpm
Fuel type 95 RON
Economy ADR 7.3-litres/100 km
Emissions rating
3 out of 5 stars
CO2 Emissions 174 g/km

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