Best all terrain 4WD

Land Rover Discovery 4 is victorious again in the All-Terrain 4WD category in 2011, taking the number of wins for Discovery models to a phenomenal seven in a row.

This was despite a robust challenge from Jeep’s impressive new Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.0-litre turbo-diesel, which outpointed Discovery 4 in the critical objective value-for-money stakes.

But the champion that it is, the Land Rover came back all guns blazing in design and function, and on and off road.

Judges gave the ‘Disco’ 10 out of 10 for off-road engine gearing and traction, and near-perfect nines for safety, comfort, space, ergonomics, performance, ride, smoothness and quietness, and off-road clearance and articulation.

Indeed, so smooth and comfortable is the Discovery 4 that judges had, at times, to remind themselves that they were driving an all-terrain, not luxury, category 4WD.

The SDV6 SE is ‘motor-vated’ by a 3.0-litre, sequential twin-turbo diesel engine pumping out a brutish 600 Nm of torque, some 36 percent better than Discovery 3. Power, at 180 kW, is also up nearly 30 percent.

But these significant boosts have not been to the detriment of fuel economy, which shows an improvement over the previous model and is competitive for class.

Australia's Best Cars Best All Terrain 4WD Land Rover Discovery 4 SDV6 SE

Manufacturer’s List Price: $81,990

Criteria out of 10 – Land Rover Discovery 4 SDV6 SE

 Value for Money   Rating 
 Pricing  6H
 Depreciation  6M
 Running Costs  3L
 Fuel Consumption  4H
 Warranty and dealer access   5M
 Insurance  4L
 Standard Features  7H

 Design and Function   Rating 
 Safety  9C
 Environment  5C
 Comfort  9H
 Space  9C
 Practicality  8C
 Ergonomics  9M
 Build and Finish  8H

 On the Road   Rating 
 Performance  9H
 Ride  9M
 Handling  8M
 Braking  8H
 Smoothness and Quietness   9C
 Off-road ability   8M

 Off Road   Rating 
 Engine Gearing and Traction  10C
 Clearance and Articulation  9C

Note: Level of weighting importance for each score: L = Low, M = Medium, H = High, C = Critical.