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Volkswagen Golf 90TSI Comfortline

The Comfortline variant is the second level into the Golf range, followed by the equipment-packed Highline variant, which also has a diesel on offer. The 90TSI Comfortline and entry level 90TSI are powered by Volkswagen’s renowned 1.4-litre turbocharged 90kW engine coupled to either a six-speed manual or seven-speed direct shift automatic transmission (DSG).

Even though the Comfortline variant is not the cheapest vehicle in this category, Volkswagen’s careful planning and engineering gives the impression that making the car appealing to drive is the primary objective.

The globally popular Golf excels on the road and this should become apparent early during a test drive. The Golf leads the class in performance – it is almost sports-like, but without the heavy fuel usage. Scoring for ride quality also saw the Golf leading the rest of the field, and while a comfortable ride usually means a dip in handling prowess, this was not the case.

With a generous mix of usable features, capped-price servicing, high safety levels, low fuel consumption, and great on-road performance, the Golf 90TSI Comfortline should appeal to many looking in this segment of the market.

Indicative Drive Away Price: $31,817

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Criteria out of 10 - Volkswagen Golf 90TSI Comfortline

Value for Money  Rating
Pricing  3C
Depreciation  5M
Running and Repair Costs  7H
Fuel Consumption  9C
Warranty and Dealer Access  4H
Insurance  8L
Standard Features  10H

Design and Function  Rating 
Safety   7C
Environment  9C
Seating Comfort  8M
Space  5L
Practicality  7M
Ergonomics  8H
Build and Finish  7H

On the Road  Rating
Performance  8M
Ride  8M
Handling  7M
Braking  6M
Smoothness and Quietness  7L

Note: Level of weighting importance for each score: L = Low, M = Medium, H = High, C = Critical.

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