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Honda Jazz 2002-2011

Honda Jazz (2002-2011)

by John Ewing ,
reviewed August 2006
The competitive small car market has increased buyer appeal in these days of rising fuel prices.
Subaru Outback 2.5 litre 1996-2006

Subaru Outback 2.5 litre (1996-2006)

by John Ewing ,
reviewed June 2006
Subaru has been highly successful at carving itself a market niche with their all-wheel drive recreational vehicle models.
Kia Rio 1.6 litre Sedan 2006

Kia Rio 1.6 litre Sedan (2006)

by John Ewing ,
reviewed April 2006
The recently released new Kia Rio is honest. It represents an honest advance over the previous model and it’s honest budget transport at its $15 990 drive-away price.
Mazda Tribute V6 2001-2005

Mazda Tribute V6 (2001-2005)

by John Ewing ,
reviewed April 2006
To some they’re a lifestyle statement but for many urban-shackled Aussies, SUV’s are a practical alternative to hulking off-roaders in their quest to escape the daily rodent relay.
Land Rover Freelander 1.8 litre 1998-2000

Landrover Freelander 1.8 litre (1998-2000)

by John Ewing ,
reviewed February 2006
The Freelander arrived in our market in February 1998 intending to broaden the Landrover brand appeal beyond rugged traditionalists.
Kia Rio 2000-205

Kia Rio (2000-2005)

by John Ewing ,
reviewed December 2005
It might surprise some folks to know that Ford’s Festiva sold here since the nineties was a Kia in blue oval disguise.
Mitsubishi Magna 2000-2005

Mitsubishi Magna (2000-2005)

by John Ewing ,
reviewed October 2005
Mitsubishi’s Magna may not have been at the top of the new car sales charts for sometime, however if you’re in the market for a not too expensive second hand large sedan or wagon and can find a good one they could be just the ticket.
Mitsubishi Mirage 1996-2004

Mitsubishi Mirage (1996-2004)

by Gerry Newton ,
reviewed April 2005
In 1996, Mitsubishi released the Mirage three-door hatchback.
Kia Carnival 1999-2003

Kia Carnival (1999-2003)

by John Ewing ,
reviewed December 2003
The Carnival, Kia’s first people mover style vehicle, went on sale here in September 1999, well before it had reached Kia’s biggest export market, the USA.
Suzuki Jimny Sierra 2008

Suzuki Jimny Sierra (2008)

by Barry Green ,
Among nearly 30 recreational 4WD offerings in our annual Australia’s Best Cars awards, Suzuki’s diminutive Jimny stands out from the crowd.

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