Got their learners? Make sure they get Free2Go!

Now is a great time to set them on the path of becoming a responsible and safe driver by encouraging them to be safe and ensuring that they have the best tools to help them along the way. The best place for your learner to get what they need is from Free2Go.

What is Free2Go

RACQ’s Free2Go program is designed to help young Queenslanders aged 16-19 years take on life’s adventures. This includes help gaining a licence and learning to drive, advice on buying a car and access to discounts.

Who Is Eligible?

All Queenslander's aged 16 to 19 years of age.

What Do You Get?

Access to all the benefits of the Free2Go program including: 

  • 1 year free personalised RACQ Roadside Assistance at 17 years old 
  • 1 year of half price Roadside Assistance at 18 & 19 years old 
  • Free L and P plates
  • Access to exclusive discounts and special offers on entertainment, food & retail items 
  • Access to exclusive competitions 
  • Advice on buying a car, access to discounted vehicle inspections and car history checks 
  • Access to discounted travel insurance and travel deals 


To find out more about what your learner can get in the Free2Go program visit the Free2Go website or call 13 1905.

tow truck driver speaking with a young woman


Free2Go is RACQ’s youth program designed to help you get your licence, stay safe on the road and start your journey as a driver in Queensland.

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