Battery Care Tips

Don't wait until you breakdown to call us

Avoid the inconvenience of a flat battery, it is a good time to have your battery tested if:

  • It has been three or more years (two years for stop/start vehicles) since your battery has been replaced
  • Your car starts slowly when you turn the ignition or
  • Your lights are dimming noticeably

Call 13 1905 and one of our patrols will come to you at home or on the road, 24/7. Or you can visit one our 170 battery centres throughout Queensland.

How to avoid a discharged or flat battery 

  • Ensure all lights or accessories are turned off
  • Regular driving each week or the use of an RACQ approved battery charger
  • Have the charge rate of your alternator checked at every service
  • Keep your battery case clean
  • Ensure battery terminals and posts are cleaned regularly
  • Have your engine serviced regularly as poor engine condition can overload the battery

Car Battery Safety Tips

  • Metallic objects should not be placed on top of the battery
  • Keep flames or sparks away from the battery at all times
  • Never add acid to cells and keep acid away from eyes, skin, clothing or any other material which may become damaged.  If contamination occurs, use large amounts of water to neutralise and flush acid away
  • Batteries should always be installed by a qualified professional

How to Maintain Your Car Battery

In this video we examine the lifespan of a car battery. All batteries look the same from the outside - but what is going on on the inside can be a very different story. Eventually all batteries will fail, but there are several things that can be done to slow this process down and save you money.

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