With more lead inside them, our car batteries have more grunt. We call it the RACQ battery advantage.

Put simply, the more lead inside a battery, the more power it’s got. We source batteries that contain a higher percentage of lead – while they may cost a little more, their power rating is much higher, which means they’ll last longer and give you better value for money. 

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Battery rating Heavy Duty 
Warranty (private use) up to 24 months
up to 36 months 
Warranty (commercial use) up to 12 months
up to 12 months
Warranty (taxis, limousines & courier vehicles) up to 6 months
up to 6 months

Call our 24/7 mobile car battery replacement service on 13 1905 to get a new battery installed in your vehicle fast.

Our batteries:

  • Best value for money
  • Australia-wide warranty
  • High performance batteries
  • Installation by qualified professionals
  • We recycle your old battery

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Please read the RACQ battery terms and conditions.

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