When you’re out on the water or on the land, know that your boat or caravan is powered by the best battery. You’ll find it through RACQ.

Our marine and deep cycle battery range has been developed for longer-lasting performance and reliability. Used by both recreational and commercial operators – from weekend anglers and campers to jet ski enthusiasts – RACQ marine and deep cycle batteries have:
  •  Dual terminal connection*
  •  Maintenance-free technology and longer storage life
  •  Greater durability 
  •  Greater cranking power
  •  A magic eye electrolyte level indicator (fitted to most starting batteries)
  •  A sealed battery case to avoid contamination
  •  Thicker reinforced plates and durable envelope separator to avoid internal shorting
If you need a marine or deep cycle battery, our mobile car battery replacement service** can come to you. Simply call 13 1905.
Or, you can pick up an RACQ marine or deep cycle battery from your nearest marine and deep cycle battery stockist.

** Mobile service is limited to the Brisbane and Gold Coast metropolitan staff patrolled areas, from 6.30am to 10pm every day. This mobile service is provide by our roadside assistance specialists. Call us on 13 1905 before you get out on the water.

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RACQ part number   7501*  7601*  4862 (Multi-use battery) 
Cold cranking amps 600 720 1000
Outboard engine rating Up to 112kW (150HP) Up to 261kW (350HP) Up to 261kW (350HP)
Reserve capacity (RC) 130 160 180
Warranty up to 24 months
up to 24 months
up to 24 months
Volts 12 12 12
Dimensions (total height in mm)  257(L) x 172(W) x 225(H)  302(L) x 172(W) x 225(H)  330(L) x 172(W) x 242(H)
Terminal configuration
RACQ part number  7703 AGM   7705 AGM
7702 5863 
Amp hours 112  128 105 120
Warranty period up to 12 months
up to 12 months up to 12 months
up to 12 months
Volts 12
12 12 12
Weight 30.7kg
34.5kg 26.0kg 28.3kg
Dimensions (total height in mm) 306(L) x 167(W) x 211(H)
330(L) x 171(W) x 220(H)   304(L) x 174(W) x 222(H)  333(L) x 173(W) x 215(H) 
Terminal configuration    RACQ part number 4572

^ 7703 & 7705 sealed AGM is not suitable for under bonnet applications. All other vented Automotive AGM products are suitable for under bonnet use.

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RACQ part number  9501 (AGM) 
Cold cranking amps 310
Amp hours 21
Warranty up to 12 months
Volts 12
Dimensions (total height in mm)  175(L) x 87(W) x 155(H)
Terminal configuration  

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