Keep your house cooler and better protected from the sun.

Get your home windows professionally tinted, with a range of film options to suit your lifestyle.l

By keeping more of the sun’s rays out of your home, you can make your home cooler, more energy-efficient and better protected.

Why tint your home?

  • Improve privacy
  • Filter the sun’s radiation and protect from harmful UV
  • Cut energy bills by reducing heat buildup
  • Improve the safety and security of your windows in case of breakage
  • Reduce fading of your furnishings.

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Clear safety and security films can provide a protective transparent barrier that holds shattered glass in place, lessening the threat of glass-related injuries resulting from impact, collision, blast or natural disaster. Forced entry via the window can also be delayed; deterring break-ins. Combined solar control/safety films also exist, protecting you from both the sun and from glass breakage.

Highly reflective window films can provide a one-way mirror effect for privacy, but the most important factor is the lighting - you’ll be able to see from the darker side into the lighter side. So while you won’t be able to see in during the day, you can see inside at night with room lights on. If full-time privacy is an issue, there’s a range of matte, white or black privacy films available.

Window films are transparent, preserving your views, and the appearance of your windows, controlling excessive glare while still letting in natural light, as well as limiting heat build-up. Blinds block or redirect sunlight, so using them may mean turning on the lights. Blinds don’t contribute much to stopping heat from coming in or UV protection.

Clear double glazing is great at trapping heat inside your home but much less effective at blocking it. Window film is usually 3 times more effective than double glazing at rejecting solar energy but at a fraction of the cost. Plus, it’s available in a wide range of appearances and performance levels.

Professionally installed on glass, a high quality window film filters more than 80% of solar radiation passing through the glass to effectively reduce heat buildup, keeping interiors cooler and reducing air conditioning workloads. This cuts energy consumption, and can amount to 20% less cooling costs.

Window films are transparent plastic laminates designed to reflect, transmit or absorb solar energy, filtering ultraviolet radiation, infrared heat, or visible light. This upgrades the glazing, neutralising hot spots, and delivering energy savings, UV protection, glare control and increased interior comfort.

Nothing completely stops fading, since it’s caused by exposure to the sun’s visible light, heat and UV radiation, and the articles to be protected. But the use of window film will reduce the rate of fading dramatically. Because film filters over 80% of solar energy, blocking over 99% of UV radiation, the life of furnishings etc. can be preserved for far longer, perhaps as much as two to five times.

Your window film professional has film/glass instructions, and will only install a film compatible with your glazing, minimising any risk of glass breakage.