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Are you looking for a mechanic you can trust? See our list of RACQ approved and experienced repairers statewide. Complying with RACQ's high standard of service, our expert team of automotive technicians can perform general and specialist repairs, including auto-electrical, air-conditioning, radiator repairs and automatic transmissions. No matter where you are in Queensland, find an RACQ approved repairer you can trust. 

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calendaricon Up to 10,000km or 6 month, RACQ approved repairer network warranty, after your service or repair.

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If your repairs are found to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period, the parts will be replaced or appropriate rectification work will be performed free of charge at any comparable RACQ Approved Automotive Repairer. There are currently over 300 RACQ Approved Automotive Repairers across Queensland. The warranty only covers repairs carried out by an RACQ Approved Automotive Repairer, if an existing problem or new problem unrelated to the repairs is found this will not be covered under this warranty. Keep your receipt in a safe place for any warranty claim.

The warranty does not cover:

  • refunding of money
  • known faults prior to original purchase you have ignored repair advice provided by the original repairer
  • repairs that have been modified in anyway
  • subsequent repairs that have been carried out after the original repair
  • damage arising from fire, excessive heat, floods, wreckage, explosions, freezing, abuse or neglect.

To make a warranty claim phone RACQ on 13 1905. RACQ will then provide the details of the nearest RACQ Approved Automotive Repairer to assess the claim and to make the required repairs. Please note that the warranty claim will not be allowed unless proof of purchase from the RACQ Approved Automotive Repairer (e.g. invoice or documentation showing the product purchased is provided). It is your responsibility to provide proof of purchase for any warranty claim.