Find your new car tyres

If you’ve got a flat or your tyres look a little worse for wear, you can trust RACQ to find the right tyres for your car. Just give us a call and we’ll provide a quote for your replacements. Plus, with easy booking through our friendly professionals we can have you safely back on the road in no time.


With a 10% member discount and our service centres located across Queensland, it’s just another benefit of belonging to Queensland’s largest club.

Quote and book

Why trust our tyre service?

We’ve been helping Queensland motorists for over 100 years. It’s important to find the right tyres so you can save money on repairs and keep your family safe on the road. Our tyre service makes it easy to get your tyres replaced.

RACQ Tyres gives you:

  • Mobile service – we come to you!
  • Service centres located across Queensland
  • Expert advice
  • Competitive prices and 10% off for RACQ members
  • Choose from our quality brands, all safety tested to Australian standards
  • Professional fitting with old tyre disposal
  • Wheel alignment
  • Puncture repairs

Consider these facts about tyres

Did you know tyre tread can make up to 20 metre’s difference in your stopping distance?

New tyres come with about 8mm tread. This tread helps you stop when and where you need to, keeping your family safer on the road. As you drive your tyres will wear and tread lessens. This wear and tear make some pretty big differences to your overall stopping time.

When your tyre tread has worn to about 3mm it can take up to 2 full car lengths to stop. When you have just 1.6mm tread it can take you over 3 car lengths to come to a complete stop, stretching over 18m. Tyre tread’s important not only for car handling, you also rely on it every time you press the brake.

Tyres stopping distance

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