Do different tyres affect my car?

It’s not a myth – different tyres can affect the performance of your car. Wrong tyres increase fuel consumption and make your car difficult to handle. With the right tyres your car will be safer, cheaper to run and you’ll have a smoother ride. We’ve got some pointers on choosing the best tyres for your set of wheels.

What’s the best tyre?

For one person, the cheapest, longest-lasting tyre will be the best. For someone else, tyre safety is most important so they’ll spend a bit extra and choose one with more grip. 

Each tyre has its own pros and cons. High performance tyres have higher grip but can wear down quickly. Grooved tyres can move water around and are safer on wet roads, but may be noisy.

To help you choose the right tyres, consider what roads you’ll drive on, the climate, your car make and your budget. Have a chat to a tyre dealer and they can point you in the right direction. If you’re still unsure, stick to a well-known mainstream brand and you’re usually on to a solid choice. 

When tyre safety matters, remember you’ll get what you pay for.

Original vs replacement tyres

Did you know, car and tyre manufacturers work together to create a complete driving and handling experience? Tyres can impact your safety so it may be worth sticking to the make and model the manufacturers choose. Some manufacturers may offer original tyre replacement when you get your car serviced

What size tyres are right for my car?

You can find your recommended tyre size, speed and load in your owner handbook or tyre placard. When you’re replacing your tyres find one with an equal load rating and speed rating. Your tyre placard gives lots of information which will help you care for your tyres.