Repair your tyres

If you’ve got a puncture there’s a good chance you can get it fixed before needing a tyre replacement. Plugs fitted from the outside offer a good temporary repair, but may not be a permanent fix. If you’re considering a tyre repair, remember it can only be completed in the tread area and in all cases, it’s best to have it fixed by a professional who can check for internal damage.

Tyre sealant

Tyre sealants are a great temporary solution to seal small punctures. Sealant kits give you time to drive to a dealer for a tyre replacement or a more permanent repair. Be cautious of sealant products used to prevent flat tyres. They often won’t work correctly and there’s a risk they’ll hide problems, causing you to drive on an unsafe tyre. If you’re wanting to prevent flats, the best tyre care includes inflating your tyres to the correct pressure and having your wheels aligned. 

Re-tread tyres

Re-treading tyres was once a low-cost option to repair tyres instead of replacing them. As the price of new tyres has reduced, the demand for re-treads has too. While it’s still a solution for your passenger car, it’s most commonly used for trucks and heavy vehicles now.

Spare tyres

Most cars have a spare tyre that’s a good replacement when an original tyre blows. While some spares are identical to the original four, other cars carry a temporary space saver. Space savers buy you enough time to get to a dealer for a tyre replacement, so try not to drive around on a space-saver for too long.

Mismatching tyres

If you’ve suffered a tyre blow-out and you need a new tyre, it’s best to stick to the same type as the other three. Driving with different tyre brands is accepted under Queensland law, but should be avoided when possible. Mixing tyre brands, even if they’re the same size, can change the handling of your car. For your safety – stick to matching tyres.

Low rolling resistance tyres

Low rolling resistance (LRR) tyres claim to reduce fuel consumption by 2 to 3 per cent. Available from many tyre manufacturers, you may be able to request these tyres at your next service. As manufacturers continue to develop new tyres, it’s likely we’ll see more of these ‘greener’ tyres throughout Queensland.

If you’re on the road and need a tyre replacement, our Roadside Assistance patrols can help you out. We’re available 24/7 across Queensland.