What's a glass seal? 

Your windscreen and windows are set into your car frame with rubber seals or bonded with a glue seal. It’s common for these seals to start leaking due to age, damage, or wear and tear. This window seal is important as it keeps the interior of your car comfortable and protected. If the seal is faulty the driver may be exposed to rain and harsh wind and your car could suffer damage.

What to do when your car is leaking

If you've got a leaking glass seal your first step is to move your car under cover. To be 100% sure it's your glass seal leaking check for other possible causes of leaks first. These could be; 

  • cracks in the windscreen or window. If you find a crack you may need a windscreen repair or replacement 
  • water around or coming out of air conditioning vents 
  • holes in the car body 
  • damage in the door seal 
  • water coming from the sunroof. 

Once you can rule out any other source of leaking, it's time to check on your window seats. 

How to check your window seals 

Simple at-home checks can help you see if your seals need a repair or replacement. 

  • Check the quality of your seal. Is it rusty or damaged? Is the bond peeling off? 
  • Check for leaks by having a friend hose the window and stay inside looking for obvious leaks.
  • Use a hose and run water down the seal. Look for any water escaping the seal.

How to fix leaking glass seals 

Fixing a window seal can be a quick, easy job or a little more complex, depending on the leak and your car make and model. If the leak's coming from your windscreen it's a good idea to get a professional to check it out. Windscreen seal repairers take a little more time and skill than a passenger window so it's best not to do these ones yourself. 

Fix rubber window seal 

If your rubber seals leak you can either get these sealed or replaced, depending on the damage. It's usually a quick fix and you can drive your car immediately after. This type of fix can be completed at home but have a chat to an auto glass technician who can fix it following Australia's Safety Standards

If you’re after a quick, at-home fix, pick up some silicone sealant and apply it to the damage. Be careful to properly clean the area first to remove any dirt or dust. Once you’ve repaired the seal, push the rubber firmly back into the door frame until it’s snug. If the rubber seal is looking a little worse for wear, there’s a lot of large leaks, or it’s not sitting comfortably in the frame – it’s time for a replacement.

Fix bonded windscreen seal 

Bonded windscreens are held in place with glue and are less likely to become damaged. Although they are at less risk of leaking, repairing these seals is more expensive and time-consuming. This type of windscreen repair should have a professional fix so chat to your auto glass technician.