Windscreen repair or replacement?

If you've got a chipped windscreen a repair is a permanent fix that gets you back on the road, fast. Costs for windscreen repairs vary based on the size of your chip, the location, and your car make and model. To qualify for a a chip repair your windscreen will be assessed on the: 

  • size of the chip 
  • location of the chip 
  • condition of your windscreen. 

If you're unsure if your windscreen needs a repair or replacement have a look at the chip itself. If it's smaller than an Australian $2 coin and not in the driver's vision you could qualify for a repair. If it's any bigger, you'll likely need a windscreen replacement

Benefits of a windscreen repair 

Repairing a chipped windscreen is a straightforward process and is usually much cheaper than a replacement. It takes a couple of hours and you'll get a service which is: 

  • fast 
  • cheap - repairs start from $60 
  • mobile 
  • environmentally friendly. 

At RACQ Auto Glass we make windscreen repairs easy. Just give us a call, we'll provide a quote and then come out to you to complete the repair. 

Windscreen chip repair process 

If you're after a windscreen repair have a chat to an auto glass technician. The technician will measure the chip, check the location and provide a quote. The process to repair a windscreen is simple. The technician will clean the windscreen, fill the chip with clear resin and then polish it. The process returns the strength of your windscreen so it's safer for many more years of carefree motoring. 

Chip repair insurance 

Most car insurance providers cover windscreen repairs and replacements. If you'd like to claim insurance for your repair, contact your insurance provider. They may find a repairer for you and you could even get a lifetime warranty on the work they complete.