When should I get a windscreen repair or replacement? 

If your car has a small windscreen chip it can often be repaired so your windscreen is as strong as it once was. If you've got a larger crack, or it affects driver vision, it's best to get a new windscreen to keep you and your family safe. 

Windscreen repairs are generally cheaper and faster to fix than full replacements. It's best to get the repair fixed as soon as you can, before it gets worse. 

How much does a chip repair cost?

The cost of a windscreen repair can be as little as $60, depending on the size and location of the damage. A repair is a great choice if the damage is less than the size of a $2 coin and it's not in the Critical Vision Area (CVA). 

How does the CVA affect my repair? 

CVA is the area of windscreen directly in front of the driver. The CVA location is 90mm from the top of the windscreen to 65mm from the bottom of the windscreen. If your chip is in the CVA there's guidelines on if it can be repaired, or if you'll need a new windscreen.

How much does it cost to replace a windscreen? 

New windscreen prices are calculated on the make and model of your car. Usually they start around $200 and go upwards from there. If the strength of your windscreen is compromised, it's always best to get a replacement. It takes around 2 hours to replace a windscreen and by doing so, you'll greatly increase your car safety. 

Why trust RACQ Auto Glass? 

We can repair windscreen chips or cracks in about 30 minutes, getting you back on the road faster. Our mobile services will come to you so you won't risk driving and making the chip any worse. With 24/7 booking and a lifetime warranty on work, you can trust RACQ to fix it.